tottarot / トッタロット

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~The Designer’s Notes~ 

Once, when I did a tarot reading in a certain country, I got a fortune that was so bad. I came up with an idea that one’s destiny is not determined by others, but is something created by one’s own will. So I invented a new card game called “Tottarot”. Those who draw good luck and draw bad luck will change our destiny by our own will and by bluffing the opponents. It is up to me to decide my destiny. It is myself who decide my own destiny.


Tottarot is a card game in which victory or defeat is determined by the points of Fate Cards dealt. Even if Fate Cards has negative points, you can discard it and take it away from your opponent depending on a point of your Will Tokens.   


It is scheduled to be released on sale at the Game Market Tokyo in the fall of 2022. This is the second board game from SORAGAME STUDIO, a brand new card game based on tarot. Hope you enjoy it!

Instructions in English

Duration 5-15mins
Numbers 2-6 people
Ages 8 and up