We SORAGAME STUDIO are an independent board game publisher and creative production based in Japan with a member of graphic designers and bilingual copywriter.



Broadens Your Time

of Gathering.

Communication tools

are becoming more

and more convenient.

We, however,

still find it fascinating

to get together in person

to talk with family, friends

and loved ones.

To make the time

spent around the table,

We create a new style of

analog games with fancy artworks.

If the game is aesthetic,

people will pick up the game,

show it to each other, and smile.

It makes conversation spread.

And times around the tabletop

becomes more enjoyable.

We believe that analog games

can bring to experience

the same world and the joy

of sharing that time.

Now, let’s go

to the world of games

with the joy of freedom.





We will create an original board game with a graphic designer and other members such as copywriters. In addition to the interesting mechanics and storyline of the game, we design it with a particular focus on the artwork. As stated in the “Soragame Studio’s Concept,” we want to create a more exciting experience playing boardgames with great artwork. Since we are a group of a designer and bilingual copywriter, we are happy to help you create your own board games too. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • When you have a concept or mechanics and want to create a board game, but are unable to incorporate it into the actual production in terms of visual design.
  • When you have a concept, but need help with the mechanics and storyline.
  • When you have created a board game, but are struggling with the design of publicity.


Branding and Design

Our original expertise was branding and advertising production, especially in the VI (logos, etc.), package design, and catchy phrases that we have been involved in a reputable design studio in Japan. However, we are expanding our domain to include not only client work, but also our own original product creation. In other words, “all designs involving artwork and words” are our business area. Our specialties are listed below, but if you have any questions about production, please feel free to contact us.

  • Branding
  • VI/CI
  • Package Design
  • Visual Design
  • Naming
  • Statement
  • Catchy Phrases


Creator’s Profile

Masaya Nishihara

Graphic Designer / Game Designer

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University with a degree in the Department of Industrial Arts. After working as an art director / graphic designer at a branding agency, he established SORAGAME STUDIO. Even though having had been making board games since Masaya was a child, he is not so knowledgeable about that 😉