MUSH SMASH / マッシュスマッシュ

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Splat! Boom! Pow!

From the “Mushroom Forest” where the dwarfs live,

making a cozy rhythm.

It seems that dwarfs are building a new town.

With mushrooms they harvested.

Houses, inns, laboratories, and even government offices.

The city spreads.

Everyone works hard.

A rumor here that a reward awaits those who work the hardest.


Toss the dwarf chip, harvest mushrooms, and build buildings to earn points. Players can build depending on colour and number of mushrooms. So watch the building cards on the field and the forest conditions for mushrooms to be harvested. The player who has the highest total of 10 points on his or her building cards wins the game. However, beware of poisonous mushrooms, which give players negative points when harvested.

〜On Sale〜

Launched at Tokyo Game Market 2023 Spring! Hope you enjoy Mush Smash

Instructions in English

Duration 30-60mins
No. of Players 1-4
Ages 8 and UP