MIDNIGHT MARKET / ミッドナイトマーケット

You can buy our games through Buyee. (If you live in Japan, you can use ボドゲーマ.)


“MIDNIGHT MARKET” is a big event at midnight where legendary creatures walk around to look for goods. Now, now, tonight, too, peculiar guests are coming for special goods. You are a merchant who dreams of becoming a millionaire. Your job is to sell your goods at the highest price possible. But be careful. In a pitch-dark marketplace, you can’t recognize what the merchants have in store for each other. Your competitors may take advantage of this. Some evil merchants will participate in the bidding to make dumping, even if they don’t have the goods customers are looking for. Can you become a millionaire by winning Midnight Market?


It is a bidding game with elements of bluffing to earn coins as a merchant with a stall at the Midnight Market.  

Instructions in English

〜Sales Conditions〜

We are planning to start sales at the Game Market Tokyo in the fall of 2022. This is Soragame Studio’s third board game. Hope you enjoy it!

Duration 15mins
Numbers 2-4 people
Ages 7 and up

〜Instruction Movie〜

〜Demonstration (Japanese)〜