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Here is a faraway sea area. In this oceanic zone, there was a circular current that was like a eden for sea creatures.
When the current exceeds a certain speed, it stores air, takes in food, and begins to circulate. Because of its unique appearance, this ocean current is called a “MARINE GOROUND”.
Why don’t you dive into the ocean and swim with the creatures? Let’s create a paradise cooperating with marine creatures.


MARIN GOROUND is a tile-building backgammon game in which players aim to score Victory Points as quickly as possible by freely arranging the Tiles and creating chains of them. Each creature has its own ability, and your strategy will change greatly depending on which Creature Tiles you collect.  


The game is scheduled to go on sale at the Game Market Tokyo in the fall of 2022. This is the first board game from Soragame Studio, and we put our craftpersonship on every detail, including the artwork and storyline. Hope you enjoy MARINE GOROUND!

Instructions in English

〜Instruction Movie (with English Subtitles)〜


Duration 20mins
Numbers 1-2 people(If you have a couple of this set, you can play up to 4 people)
Ages 10 and up